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Thread: AR 308 pinned gasblock/accuracy

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    AR 308 pinned gasblock/accuracy

    Hi everyone,

    just got my ar308 back from the gunsmith for pinning the lowpro gasblock.

    While i know its probably not necessary, i like to think the gasblock would always remain there on my first choice battle rifle lol.

    im using a 20" cold hammer forged chrome lined Spikes Tactical barrel (guys that is one sweeeet shooter barrel) that is more like a medium/heavy profile (not like some tapered heavy barrel around)

    my question is, since the gasblock pin hole slices about 2mm deep into the barrel that is 0.750 in that area, can this affect accuracy in some way? especially once the barrel warm up? or will the inserted pin "fill the hole" + shape of the gasblock clamping that

    portion of the barrel works sorta like a resting

    surface? anyone got some experience to share? i know i should test it and find out myself, but i literally wont be able to do it in the next months.

    thanks for reading.
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