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Thread: Netflix: Punisher Season 2

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    I enjoyed season 0.5 (Daredevil S2) and season 1, so I plan on watching this second season, too.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Vandal View Post
    I was pretty disappointed in Season One, probably not going to watch Season Two.
    It was a letdown compared to the trailer for S1. That was pure awesome.

    The left can't seem to handle that they make the govt out to be this evil, all powerful cabal that must be stopped, and at the same time is the solution to all their problems. Interesting cognitive dissonance. S1 did drag on at times, but Berenthal carried the series.
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    Really? They’re doing the “Christian fundamentalist” preacher thing?

    I mean, they already did the evil white mercenary sleeping with the heroic Afghani-immigrant/child of immigrants thing.
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