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Thread: Grand Solar Minimum and Electromagnetic Pole Shift

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    Grand Solar Minimum and Electromagnetic Pole Shift

    We are at an interesting time in human history. The earth is about to undergo some major changes simultaneously. We are about to begin the Grand Solar minimum sometime around 2020, this will essentially be a mini ice age that will last decades. Second, the Earth's electromagnetic fields are not only rapidly weakening but also shifting faster than they have ever been in recorded scientific history. The magnetic fields are necessary for protecting us against cosmic radiation along with damage from solar flares. So expect perhaps colder climates, lower crop yields with shorter growing seasons, and general massive changes to the weather. So don't just think short term disaster planning as this could be the beginning of an extended event.

    Video from a few years back about the magnetic poles weakening and rapidly shifting- the updated government scientific release of this data is due sometime this month.

    Video about the Grand Solar Minimum, set to begin around 2020 may last upwards of sixty years- the source spliced two videos together to help tie up some questions.

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