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Thread: MDT LSS-XL Gen 2 Stock suggestions

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    Also, there are some stocks from fab defense and another company called ab arms with something called the urban sniper stock that might check your boxes.. Luth ar was the runner up for me. I have no idea what fab or ab are like. I already had a ctr laying around so $15 on the riser got me where I wanted to be.

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    Folder for MDT

    on my Savage that I built , I picked up a left hand LSS for 225.00 shipped

    all I had to do was put in in my mill and machine the cut out for the right handed bolt throw .

    on the butt , I went with a Law Tactical folder I use these on a couple builds I did before so
    I knew what I wanted in this project ..

    my Butt came off of Ebay but I did mods on it aswell .
    the rings were bought of E.E. on another AR Board .

    the scope came from Snipershide E.E.

    so this build was a nickel and dime build .


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