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Looking for input but hereís what I have so far,

This is intended to be a suppressed, two barrel pistol build with the DOLOS quick change system.

Spikes upper and lower, Expo Arms BCG, Strike Industries 10.3 barrel for the 5.56, Spikes Tactical 8.3 in 300 BLK, either a CMC 2 stage or an ELF. The hand guards will most likely be YHM. Still need gas blocks.

Still debating the brace and small components.

Since the last rifle I built (over 10 years ago) it seems like there are a multitude of parts available. Itís kind of crazy the options out there. Itís hard to sort out whatís good and whatís just bling.

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We recently have included the SBA3 braces to our pistol line up do to its fantastic quality and user ability, highly recommended!