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Thread: Ruger single-action trigger job

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    Ruger single-action trigger job

    Just picked up a blued mint Ruger Single Six (new model) 22LR single-action revolver with real Sambar Stag grips for really short money, like for what just the grips alone are selling for on eBay ($200-$300).

    I just did a trigger job to that 22LR last night. BEFORE any tuning, the trigger pull was 5-1/2 pounds. With just a good and thorough disassembly and cleaning, followed by smoothing any bearing contact surfaces (not sear or hammer) and then lubing it, the pull was brought it down to < 4-#s. I used a moly grease on the sear engagement surfaces and oil of one’s choice anywhere else. Pet Peeve - Cannot believe how many people run a gun ‘dry’!

    I had read a tip online (single-action shooters) about dropping off a leg from the trigger return spring (under the grips) but I didn’t like that idea (spring would now be unbalanced, floats/flops around on one side, and could interfere w/ the hammer spring). So with further YouTube research, I tried modifying the angle on the return spring legs where they hang onto the pin hanger. It is a simple adjustment and only only needs removal of grips to do so. I only bent them up ~1/8” at most. And now after doing so, that dropped the pull down to 3-pounds, or a full pound off.

    Having machining and prior gunsmithing experience (especially on S&W revolvers) I rechecked the sear engagement angles and surfaces using a 10X loupe, touched them up ‘lightly’ with fine & ultra fine diamond stones, then applied Brownell’s ‘Action Magic II’ elixer and moly powder to the sear tip and hammer notch, burnished in well.

    Now AFTERwards, the final trigger pull is just a few ounces over 2-pounds! And 100% safe and reliable. Sweet!
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    Reprofiling the spring legs works.
    Have done it on a couple Bisleys.


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