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Thread: 8.5” 300blk pistol

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    8.5” 300blk pistol

    Overall opinions on something like this for a HD and training gun? There’s this Zev 300blk pistol that I’ve had my eyes on for a while. They look like they are made of good parts and a good option. Thinking I’d put an RMR on it to keep it super light and compact.

    I don’t have any AR type pistols and can’t decide if they are serious or just a novelty.

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    Well in my state can't carry a loaded rifle in a vehicle, so a short pistol makes sense.

    Dont know munch about Zev, other then it use to be Mega.

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    I dont have any experience with Zev ARs but I have done a fair amount of shooting with one of their Glock 17s that I think is pretty awesome. I have met the guys at Zev through a buddy and I think they are are good guys and know their stuff.

    In regards to sub 9" blackout. My primary HD is a 7.5 300 with an RMR and a Surefire XC1-B on the top rail. With a good can they can be wicked quiet with subs. With supers the 110 Barnes VOR-TX have outstanding ballistics.

    Competition, although both are more expensive, would be the Q Honey Badger and the Noveske GEN 4 N4-PDW - both awesome guns but again more coin. As with any gun purchase in late January, you probably want to wait till after SHOT to see if their are any new products in that category.


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