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Thread: Franklin Armory blacklists InRangeTV at SHOT Show 2019

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    Started a thread on the Reformation review done by MAC sans the Shotshow part.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hush View Post
    Franklin Armory is the synthetic Marijuana of the gun industry. It's just *one* molecule off, but basically the same thing, only not as effective. Not really groundbreaking innovation just clever workarounds of silly laws.

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    I have no interest in their stuff, but I love that they are bringing stuff to the table.

    As for the OP, I personally think putting someone on the spot at a trade show is in poor taste. Bring someone in for an interview with clean intentions. Trade shows are for displaying what you have, the market is to determine validity, not the vendor. Let it play out and see if its practical. I felt like the dude was in an audit - I'd probably keep them out myself.

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    So it turns out that IRTV didn't put a cap on the camera during filming at the Franklin Armory booth last year, but Karl had put down the camera while still holding the mic up.

    (Yes, the video is an hour long, but they open with talking about Franklin Armory and SHOT this year, so if you want to watch just that, you can just watch that and turn it off when they move on.)
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