I speak only for myself, not .mil or LE.

My experience has been that RECENT training allows you to flow easily between platforms, modular setups, gear, guns, etc.

If you run one thing at work, and a different functioning weapon for personal usage with more recent/greater training with one platform or setup, I can see minor delays/hiccups/and longer reaction time occurring. Not just in the weapons systems, but with where you carry your mags, gear setup on the belt/body, etc.

If you train long and hard enough on one platform, the reflexes and "flow" of the subconscious manipulation of the weapons system (conscious mind is actively working on solving the overall problem) get hard wired to some degree.

At speed & under stress... your body can be literally moving faster than your conscious brain is processing what is happening (ie. slide lock reload, draw stroke & first shot, grabbing for a mag...).

My previous experience has been that running between Glock 17 & 1911, under stress at speed I'll still swipe down on the non-existent thumb safety of a Glock because that motion was ingrained in me for so long running 1911s.

Recently at a course I ran a gun with a thumb safety having trained a lot with Glocks recently and kept NOT swiping it off when getting on target.

For me personally, I would try to stick with a platform or controls that closely mimics what I would carry on duty if going into harm's way was my day job. One set of reflexes with a setup that was as consistent as possible.