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Thread: Can you build a 10mm and shoot .40

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    Without reading the entire thread, what you are talking about is headspacing off the extractor. I've heard of one person using long bullets in a 10 seated long in a 40 case with success. How much is unknown.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 6mmAR15 View Post
    If you google it ...you will see quite a few people doing it....Agreed, its not headspacing on the case mouth. Several people state it headspaces on the rim, which is held in place by the extractor......As for the OP question, I would say no......I had a 9mm faxon barrel with an improper chamber, too deep. bolt would close on a round, pull the trigger and drop the hammer ...nothing. pull the charging handle to clear the carbine and cartridge remains in the chamber....end of story.
    That covers it. Might work in a controlled feed gun, not in a push feed.
    We have had attacks of the stupids and fed an H&K P7 with .380s. It sorta worked, but leaves a question of 'why?'.
    There is also the issue of bolt weight and recoil spring power. For the OP, I'd make my carbine either .40S&W or 10, but not try to have both if you value reliability.

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