I’ve built quite a few braced pistols in various platforms, the Shockwave is the best bang for the buck and if you already have a regular pistol extension a Shockwave will fit and you can use a punch or a drill bit to dimple the tube. But for a few bucks the dimpled KAK tube is nice and still cheap. Light.

The rubber SB braces like the SOB is heavier but more comfortable and balances a heavy profile 10-12” barrel better. No adjustment but it’s already long enough to get you close to max LOP.

I just recently replaced a Shockwave Blade with an SBA3 on my Scorpion Evo. It’s nice and adjusts as easily as an M4 stock. handy with magnified optics if you’re not sure where you want it or if you switch between magnified optics.

And then there’s the Tailhook mod2. Uses a proprietary tube but they seem to get good reviews. I’ve always wanted one but the $200 price kept me away. Now several places are selling them a lot cheaper, around the price of an SBA3. I have one coming from LockedLoaded.com for $110. Available in black, FDE & OD green.