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Are you sure the WC sling loop will work with the Magpul forearm? Pretty sure sling loops like that conflict with 870 Magpul forearms and looks like that would be an issue on the 590 14".
It could be. I am using a GG&G modified magpul forend on the 14” shockwave front end. The forend tube is shorter on the 14” and SBS guns and requires the magpul piece to be shortened internally. I was going to do it myself but GG&G does it with a CNC machine and it is perfectly clean. They also mill the muzzle end to clear one of their sling plates between the mag tube cap and the barrel lug. I don’t know why they don’t have better pictures but the GG&G modified magpul forend on a 14” 590 clears a sling plate.