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Thread: Leatherman's new FREE line of multi-tools & knives . . .

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    Thumbs up Leatherman's new FREE line of multi-tools & knives . . .

    Blade HQ did a great job at making individual videos at the manufacturers' booths highlighting the latest in cutlery at SHOT.

    The newest knife/tool that grabbed my attention from this year's SHOT is Leatherman's new Free line of tools the P2 and the P4 multi-tools. They're made with Leatherman's new Magnetic Architecture technology which reduces friction when opening or closing an implement. All of the tool's implements are located on the outside of the tool for easy one handed accessibility. So we're looking at the world's first truly one handed opening multi-tool, every single individual implement is one handed. And for cool points due to the Magnetic Architecture tech the multi-tools can open and close like a Bailsong.


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    Thank you for sharing.

    I used to always carry the original Leatherman when I flew for work. I had to toss my last one when I accidentally had it on me at a commercial airport. I am really liking these and need to see if the T or K series can fill the role of EDC knife+++.

    Admittedly I carry cheap CRKT knifes since I tend throw them away at airports... Would be nice to send some money to these folks and get a Free series of some flavor.

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    I’m not a multi tool collector, but I do own a leatherman wave and have come to really appreciate its usefulness. It’s been tremendously helpful on several occasions. The Free line you’ve shown here looks pretty slick, especially the knife with pocket clip. Thanks for sharing this.


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