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Thread: Taking the next step past 308- first 6.5 creedmore semi auto

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    Taking the next step past 308- first 6.5 creedmore semi auto

    Good evening folks,

    I would like to start here and ask for some baseline foundational information on semi auto 6.5 creedmore rifles. I currently own 2 very reliable 308 gas guns and regularly take them to 800 and occasionally to 1000, but I'm now looking to expand past 308 and into 6.5 creedmore. I'm hoping to start pushing past 1000 yds and finding where the wall is for 6.5.

    My understanding is that 6.5 creedmore and 260 remington eat up barrels very quickly, so one of my priorities other than reliability would be barrel life and followed up with accuracy. I am not a reloader so this would be factory ammo shot through this gun.

    My initial inclinations are to lean towards knights and solgw as those are the 2 gas guns I own and have several thousand rounds through currently. They both perform admirably. I'm not looking for a tank of a gun like a mws, more of an ACC type of 6.5 gas gun if that exists. Should I or do I need to consider any other manufacturers like modern outfitters and their proof barrel builds or a JP rifle ect...?

    So to sum it up I'm looking for the following criteria:
    1. Reliability
    2. Barrel life
    3. Accuracy
    4. On the lighter side
    5. Supresses well (love shooting suppressed)

    And looking to accomplish these goals:
    1. Compete in my first prs match
    2. Stretch past 1200 yds (longest shot to date)
    3. Use it for several long range classes

    Thanks, looking forward to getting data points to help make this decision haha.

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    My 6.5 is a Frankenstein build that being said it can shoot sub moa no problem. I have 800 rounds on mine and no issues yet reliability has been great and I don't run an adjustable gas block or high pressure bolt. I've taken mine out to 1200yds without issue my ballistic app shows mine dropping subsonic between 1400-1500yds i don't know if the bullets I'm using make the subsonic transition without issue or not so that may or may not be the wall.

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    JP and GAP are great choices if you have the budget

    A good mid tier option would be the Seekins. No personal experience, but a lot of good feedback on the Hide

    Laure Ultimate Upper kit is offered in 6.5 for $1192 with free assembly currently. Just add a lower. They dont have a 16'' barrel option but do have 18''

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    This thread interests me. I just finished putting my LPK in my Aero lower a week ago and have yet to buy anything else.
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    I’ll jump in here, because I have quite a bit of time on a 6.5CM gasser. They are absolutely awesome, incredible, and super cool. I have a GAP-10 with a 22” Bartlein barrel that is a legitimate.5-.7 moa gun. I get those groups regularly, and not just “one time when Mercury lined up with Uranus and I shot a group.” I used my GAP this last weekend to shoot the AxisWorks Precision along Range Challenge in Az. My rifle shoots Hornady 140gr ELD-M at 2717 out of the 22” tube. I shot suppressed at the match. Over the course of 2 days, 250 rounds of shooting from EVERY imaginable position, including roof tops, tri- pods, rocks, barricades, you name it, I had ZERO malfunctions. Nada. Gun ran like a sewing machine. I know 250 rounds isn’t exactly amazing reliability, but doing it suppressed, and in a match setting, it’s damn fine to me.

    Things I have learned: adjustable gas block. Very important if you’re going to run suppressed. There is a lot of gas in the 6.5CM, or .308 case. MUCH more than a 5.56. When you suppress them, there’s much more than you need. AGB really helps. Also: run them wet! Suppressors absolutely cook off lube. These big boys run amazing when they are fed good ammo, and kept well lubed. Lastly, many parts are not all that interchangeable. Pay attention to the smallest details. When I ordered my Geiselle charging handle on Sunday, there was a list of rifles it WOULD NOT work on. Many of these large framed AR’s have proprietary parts. It’s not the biggest thing ever, but pay attention.

    I have spent quite a bit of time on gas guns, and shot with Jack Leuba (Failure2Stop) a couple weeks ago. I respect Jack, and his opinion. He tells me that he is getting better ballistics out of a 14.5” 6.5CM than he is a 18” .308. Flatter shooting, supersonic much longer, more energy on target, etc. I trust him, and I seriously believe 6.5 is where it’s at over .308’s anymore. I have an Aero Precision that I’m converting from 18” .308 to a 16” 6.5CM. It’s a play gun, NOT a work gun. I can mess around with it and not worry about screwing up my SR-25 or my GAP-10. I’m fully expecting to have a 16” gasser that is capable of solid, repeatable hits out to 1000yds. That will be AWESOME.

    Anyway, sorry for the long post, but I have more than a little time on these guns, so I thought I’d share some things I have learned. Hope it helps a little at least.


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