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Thread: Taking the next step past 308- first 6.5 creedmore semi auto

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hop View Post
    /sub'd for updates.

    I'm slapping together a budget PSA PS10 in 6.5CR. I've seen some impressive targets using Hornady 140gr ELD & I'm hoping to give it a try at Atterbury military base out to 1200 yards sometime this summer. I wasn't sure if my M1A would be the best choice at that distance.

    I haven't figured out what magnification scope I'll put on the gun to shoot those distances. I've never seen the targets out that far yet.
    Back in the day, guys made hits with 10X at 1,000, but we are spoiled now. 3-15 would get you there or you could step up to 5-20/25 range. No more than that for sure.

    Now that I think about me and Mark started with our first 308 Rem 700's with 10X scopes and went to a 1,000 weekly. Mark was rocking a Super Sniper and killed it with a Bushy, both fixed 10's.

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    So I ended up making the decision to order a SOLGW 18in 6.5 creedmore upper to go with my 308 I have from them. I went this direction because they guarantee their barrels are sub .5 minute and will replace the barrel if I shoot it out; which was a large consideration when talking about 6.5 creedmore.

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