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Thread: Taking the next step past 308- first 6.5 creedmore semi auto

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    No disrespect here. Just wondering if the Wilson’s die 1/2 MOA or 3/4 MOA.
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    Chief, I'm sorry I simply don't comprehend your language. In fact I called another old members here aSME, asked him to read and decipher the question. His response was " **** if I know"

    We think we've narrowed the question down to this. What your calling "DIE", we know as a Reamer. For manufacturing.

    Sir, I'm a shooter, not a manufacture, no clue what die/ reamer Wilson runs. I just load the weapon measure, do the trig, dial and Press the trigger.

    I would share that the 6.5 was also shot by my old agency partners, who are also Thunder Ranch instructors, over in Lakeview Oregon. When the boys returned the rifle, they also reported 1/2 MOA, groups on the 100y range.

    Don't know about you, but that 100y distance has always been our standard for determining rifle capabilities. Their may be others, I'm unaware of them, I go, to what I know.

    If your asking for pic's, nada, my shoot crew isn't into taking pics of our guns, or groups. We're all ex mil and police. We report what we see. By the way that 1/2 group stuff, isn't measured with tools, it's eyeball math.

    Frankly if the rifle is shooting 1moa, or 2moa, that's what I'd report, but then that rifle would be headed back to the factory for eval, repair, or replacement. These Wilson's have Seekins rings, or catalievers on em. The 308, is sitting 1/2 higher then I like, so I'm reordering a shorter set of Seekins rings. I like my scopes literally down on top of the action, with minimal objective bell to barrel clearance.

    Hope this is covering what your asking.

    Have a good one.


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