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Overall I'm not concerned. Never too late. Need groups that will stand together and tell Olympia NO. So far the Sheriff's are doing a right fine start. I'm not giving up, giving in, or registering or turning in anything. We are not the problem, and am done with being blamed.
I think the key these days is quiet non-compliance. Registering or turning them in is a non-starter. That all leads to complete disarmament, because those are the first homes they'll hit when they decide to confiscate. Those in bellwether states will get hit first, which will give those in less restricted states advance notice. If you live in a restricted state, it wouldn't be a bad idea to know where you can stash a cache off property (the advent of portable GPR pretty much negates burying them in tubes in the backyard). I'd also keep some junker throw downs in the house along with your main go-to defense gun that you can afford to lose in the confiscation. You also need to have a rock solid cover story for why you only have one decent gun and a bunch of junkers left, rather than the high end arsenal they wanted to find (sorry, the "boating accident" cliché isn't good enough).

Of course you'll need an advanced perimeter security system so you can differentiate the firearms confiscation teams from common home invaders BEFORE defending your home and becoming another statistic. Of course you might get skipped if you can stay off the radar completely. Don't be a member of a gun advocacy group. Don't let anyone you don't trust with your life know you have evil black guns. Don't get into beefs with anyone, ever. Don't raise a ruckus at work. Don't cheat on your SO. Pay your taxes. Keep your home up to code and make sure all your guns are well hidden if you have contractors, adjusters or inspectors come in. Don't get a MMJ card. Avoid buying guns that have to be run through local or state BGC. Avoid using traceable payment methods for guns and accessories.

I empathize with all you guys struggling under these terrible socialist regimes. It makes me really appreciate living in the reddest state in the nation!