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Thread: Please contact your reps and urge them to vote against red flag laws!!!

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    Please contact your reps and urge them to vote against red flag laws!!!

    Yes, CO has gone full retard with the Blue wave. Please contact your representatives regarding the current red flag legislation that has passed out of committee.

    We need to keep writing emails and calling.

    This legislative session is bound to be fruitful for the Dems and terrible for the State/Liberty and the people as a whole.

    Please join GOA and RMGO and contact your “representatives”.

    FFS we gotta try and save this great state from tyranny!
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    They don't give half a **** what you or I think. This law was going to pass and be signed before the session even started.

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    New Mexico is about to go over this cliff, too. Truly we are losing our rights in leaps and bounds lately.


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