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Thread: IFAK setup advice & what is the best compact gauze and compression bandages?

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    I have one in my IFAK and 2 in my EDC pack. They are compact and have just enough materiel to do the job.

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    My range IFAK sounds pretty much like your large IFAK. I have 2 pair of nitrile gloves in mine too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooohah View Post
    First off I have TECC training, I took an 8 hour course with a local instructor who is a SWAT medic (I know I am not officially TECC certified). So please no "get training" comments.
    We were taught in the course to be able to treat or at least stabilize most GSW's with rolled Kerlix gauze, ACE bandages, TQs and Chest seals (and how to improvise them).

    We practiced with just regular rolled gauze and ACE bandages. I've found these often don't fit the best in any of my IFAKs, but the surplus compression bandages are also extremely bulky.
    I guess what I'm asking is, what are some good options for regular gauze (maybe compressed) and ACE/ compression bandage that isn't as space consuming.

    I have multiple IFAK's i'm working on setting up, a few small blowout IFAKs (just essentials) and some larger IFAKs.

    So far for my small blowout IFAKs I plan on having the following:
    -1x CAT TQ
    -2x Chest Seal
    -1x Combat Gauze
    -1x ACE/ Compression bandage

    For my larger IFAK's they will vary, but generally something along the following:
    -1 to 2x CAT TQ or SOFTW (some may be mounted externally)
    -2x Chest Seal
    -1x Combat Gauze
    -1x ACE Bandage
    -1x regular gauze (compressed perhaps) (tbd)
    -Emergency heat blanket
    -Decompression needle
    -Nasal Airway

    Anything you guys think I'm missing in my IFAKs?

    Thank you
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    I have used my medical kit quite a bit at work.

    -Shears. Exposing injuries is huge when you're getting after trauma.
    -Gloves. At least two pairs. If you have spare space, consider packing in another set of gloves. I like to have a set for me, a set for a helper, and a third on hand in case one of the sets gets damaged.
    -Permanent marker.
    -Kerlix. I know that you said that space is an issue, but you can get compressed gauze from many sources. Tape it up if you really need to compress it further. It is way too useful to not have on hand.

    Another thing to consider in your larger bags would be some basic 4x4s, a few bandaids. You'll end up reaching for those a lot more often than your needle-D.
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