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Thread: IFAK setup advice & what is the best compact gauze and compression bandages?

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    I have one in my IFAK and 2 in my EDC pack. They are compact and have just enough materiel to do the job.
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    My range IFAK sounds pretty much like your large IFAK. I have 2 pair of nitrile gloves in mine too.

    Quote Originally Posted by Wooohah View Post
    First off I have TECC training, I took an 8 hour course with a local instructor who is a SWAT medic (I know I am not officially TECC certified). So please no "get training" comments.
    We were taught in the course to be able to treat or at least stabilize most GSW's with rolled Kerlix gauze, ACE bandages, TQs and Chest seals (and how to improvise them).

    We practiced with just regular rolled gauze and ACE bandages. I've found these often don't fit the best in any of my IFAKs, but the surplus compression bandages are also extremely bulky.
    I guess what I'm asking is, what are some good options for regular gauze (maybe compressed) and ACE/ compression bandage that isn't as space consuming.

    I have multiple IFAK's i'm working on setting up, a few small blowout IFAKs (just essentials) and some larger IFAKs.

    So far for my small blowout IFAKs I plan on having the following:
    -1x CAT TQ
    -2x Chest Seal
    -1x Combat Gauze
    -1x ACE/ Compression bandage

    For my larger IFAK's they will vary, but generally something along the following:
    -1 to 2x CAT TQ or SOFTW (some may be mounted externally)
    -2x Chest Seal
    -1x Combat Gauze
    -1x ACE Bandage
    -1x regular gauze (compressed perhaps) (tbd)
    -Emergency heat blanket
    -Decompression needle
    -Nasal Airway

    Anything you guys think I'm missing in my IFAKs?

    Thank you
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    I have used my medical kit quite a bit at work.

    -Shears. Exposing injuries is huge when you're getting after trauma.
    -Gloves. At least two pairs. If you have spare space, consider packing in another set of gloves. I like to have a set for me, a set for a helper, and a third on hand in case one of the sets gets damaged.
    -Permanent marker.
    -Kerlix. I know that you said that space is an issue, but you can get compressed gauze from many sources. Tape it up if you really need to compress it further. It is way too useful to not have on hand.

    Another thing to consider in your larger bags would be some basic 4x4s, a few bandaids. You'll end up reaching for those a lot more often than your needle-D.
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    I've got H & H compressed gauze and H-compression bandages in my kits and have found them to be pretty compact.
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    I would say your small IFAK is too small, you either need to squeeze more stuff in or get a bigger pouch. I know you're looking for smaller options but you need to make your pouch fit the gear then the other way around. The stuff doesnt need to fit neatly inside, squeeze anything you can fit inside. I always carry at least two IFAKs set up as follows:


    In a standard USGI IFAK

    CAT Tourniquet
    Israeli Bandage
    Roller Gauze (Kerlex)
    3in Silk Tape
    14ga 3 1/4in needle
    Chest Seal Gauze
    Old style field dressing
    Trauma knife or shears

    I can also squeeze a cravat inside. I think your set up with two chest seals is okay, but why not get a needle in there? I would also add more compressed or roller gauze (Kerlex). Like three or four more rolls at least; if you need to pack a an arterial bleed you would easily use at two if not more. I also carry two extra pouches just for kerlex and CAT's on my medic rig. You look to be on the right track, though I'd say lose the blanket, that is something more suited for a pack, rather than and IFAK, the space it takes up could be used for kerlex or a cravat. I know roller gauze is bulky but its far easier to control your roll and handle it in an efficient manner when packing a wound. Hemostatic gauze is fine, but its expensive and if you cant afford it, you can use kerlex instead. You dont need hemostatic gauze, its just really nice to have and gives you an extra edge. I didnt see if you have tape, get some tape.

    One question, this is a "Range IFAK"? Are you the target, or is it a down range IFAK
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    This is my world, former Combat Medic/FMF Corpsman. I see nothing wrong with your packing lists for the IFAKs. I look for multi use items for space saving, but you have functional kits outlined.
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    If space is limited, you need the H&H compressed gauze.

    AFAIK, there aren't compressed ACE wraps (they're pretty small already). I'd love to see a SHORTER ACE wrap, suitable for a single limb, instead of the ... 6 foot? .... standard size. You listening, Big Medical Supply Corporations?

    I'd skip the chest seal in my blowout kit. My 'pocket' kit is an Israeli bandage, decompression needle, and a SWAT-T tourniquet. If someone is shot in the lung, you can use the bandage wrapper from the Israeli as an occlusive dressing. Heck, a gloved hand is airtight. Have someone fetch your bigger kit and have some tape options there (can 3-side the wrapper for an older 'flutter valve' design) or swap it for a dedicated chest seal dressing at that time. That being said, the injury patterns in the US tend to be not as time-dependent as overseas (handgun bullets are slower than IED shrapnel).

    For your larger IFAQ ... I dunno, I don't pack a nasal airway. That allows me more compressed gauze (I try minimum 2, like people say, you can really go through it quick). If the patient needs a legit airway, then A) a nasal trumpet is kind of a joke anyway, and B) a decompression needle works for a short time. Having said that, training and scope of practice dictates if that's an option for you.

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    I have just one of those standard issue IFAK kits. Seems like there is alot of useless stuff in the issue kit. I need to put some more thought and training into a good one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by teufelhund1918 View Post
    I have just one of those standard issue IFAK kits. Seems like there is alot of useless stuff in the issue kit. I need to put some more thought and training into a good one.
    What items do you find useless, and what is your level of training?

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    I carry a Coyote Tactical Solutions burrito with their medical insert on my duty belt. Iíve replaced the trauma blanket with more compressed gauze.

    I have a Spiritus Mk4 that I use for training/active shooter response. On that I have two hyfin vents, combat gauze, compressed gauze, and a CAT on a tourniquet dangler on the bottom. Since itís in the half flap part I donít have room for much more. I obviously omitted certain things on my Mk4, but they all serve as redundancies due to my belt mounted IFAK and the medic bag I keep in my cruiser.

    There are things contained within a military IFAK that arenít necessary in a civilian one in most situations. Like an IV starter kit.

    When Iím space limited I keep it to:
    -Combat gauze
    -Compressed gauze

    Iíd prefer to have additional gauze over a pressure dressing to maximize surface contact within the wound.
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