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Thread: Registration equals confiscation ... donít ever doubt it for a minute.

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    Quote Originally Posted by prepare View Post
    Define "gun control"?
    Why is the left always pushing for more?
    Why have the measures they've already pushed for not worked?
    Why will more "gun control" work?
    Since mentally disturbed people and violent criminals are responsible for violence why not control them instead of guns?
    An armed populace is always, at minimum, a persistent annoyance to an authoritarian State and at most, a potential existential threat.
    And not just in the sense of citizens shooting government officials...
    Guns in civilian hands represent a threat to Statists in another way too. Firearms ownership is one of the hallmarks of self-sufficiency. A self sufficient population robs the nanny-state of relevance and revenue and inhibits its expansion. Statism depends upon the existence of a population of peasants who are both beholden to, and utterly reliant upon government.
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    It seems to me that if there is a legal way forward with "red flag" type legislation, that actually stands a chance of providing a benefit to society, you all have identified it.

    Instead of gun confiscation, it seems relevant legislation would develop a procedure that includes relevant for process where an individual under suspicion would be required to submit to a mental health evaluation.

    Guns would not be confiscated.
    It would provide a LEO with a more clearly defined path.
    It would require the judicial branch, a LEO, and mental health professionals to agree on some capacity that there individual was truly a risk.
    It would be more likely to force the government to react and complete the assessment in a timeframe that is not consistent with due process - namely 24-72 hours.
    If structured in the right way could remove the challenge of a concerned LEO being forced cajole an individual into an ER visit and mental health eval - it could be made mandatory.

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    I am skeptical of articles written in internet blogs. Over half are garbage and completely made up to spread across the internet.

    The day police come to my home to confiscate my guns is the day there will be a massive shootout at my will see it on the national news.

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