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Thread: Beretta or CG

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    Beretta or CG

    I am torn between a Beretta 690 Field 3 or Caesar Guerini Wooldlander or Tempio Light

    I have been fortunate to shoot both of them and Iím still undecided. The Beretta seems to fit me a tad better and is lighter, however all of my buddies are telling me that I need to go CG over the 693 because of the better wood and attention to detail on CGs. Had one CG dealer tell me Berettas are junk and lost their quality...of course he was an exclusive CG dealer.

    Iíve always had Browningís and Berettas and keep hearing about CGs. Canít decide if I should go with what I know works - the 693 or roll the dice and mix it up with a CG. One last comment is that I want to get something nice & quality so I can pass it down to my son once he gets a little older.

    Any input from owners is much appreciated.

    Thank you.,

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    I canít speak for the particular models...but Caesar and their customer service is phenomenal. Beretta CS...just google it.

    My daughter looked at them both and she liked Caesar so much more. I picked up a Rizzini myself.

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