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Thread: First line belts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Endur View Post
    This setup is unbelievably comfortable. Almost feels like I am not wearing one at all.
    What are the details?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CRAMBONE View Post
    What are the details?
    HSGI Duty Grip
    Snake Eater 2" Duty Belt
    HSGI Duty Pistol Taco (holding OC)
    Eleven10 TQ carrier
    Safariland 6365 STX w/ G17M & X300U
    x2 Zero9 cuff carrier
    Zero9 APX6000 carrier
    Safariland 6520 w/ X26P
    Zero9 dbl pistol carrier
    ESP TorchLok w/ Surefire P2X Fury w/ Thyrm Switchback 2.0
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    Gadsden Dynamics battle-belt.
    ATS Tactical triple M4/pistol magazine shingle.
    Dark Angel Medical IFAK.
    Maxpedition dump pouch.
    Comp-tactical holster with pistol.
    mechanix gloves.
    Might try to squeeze a fixed blade onto it as well.
    Satisfied thus far.


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    Interesting to see so many right handed shooters having AR mags bullets facing forwards. How does that work? Indexing like a pistol mag?

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    Quote Originally Posted by scooter22 View Post
    Interesting to see so many right handed shooters having AR mags bullets facing forwards. How does that work? Indexing like a pistol mag?
    I tried that for about a year, of r a few reasons. Looking back, Im surprised I gave it that much time because I was not at all a fan and struggled quite a bit with it.

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    Blondes, Brunettes, Boobs or Butts it's all a matter of preference (ok, last two bad example). I will say as an LEO instructor for years that its an easier transition for the many who've never run a rifle. Mostly out of the question and not recommended for those who've professionally carried a rifle for years.
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    New to the forums here and wanted to share my new battle belt set up. Retired law enforcement and USAF veteran, now an armed citizen, this will be used as my home defense and training rig. It contains the following items:

    Blue Alpha Gear 1.75 mollie Cobra belt with inner loop belt.
    Safariland 6354 DO ALS with DFA drop leg shroud.
    Eleven 10 MBOK IFAK.
    Esstac KWYI double pistol/single rifle pouch.
    T-RexArms dump pouch
    T-RexArms tourniquet holder.
    Benchmade CBK push blade. (Hidden behind mags)

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