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Thread: First line belts

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    My training/teaching/larping belt setup has changed quite a bit from April of last year, as seen above ^

    Esstac Advanced Belt (fantastic belt, rigid and lightweight as it is made from Tegris)
    Esstac Pouches
    Ferro Mini Dangler (acts as a mini dump pouch, or generally where I carry loose rounds when teaching/training)
    951 Tactical Modlite Holster (So far a fantastic light holder)
    Safariland 6354 DO, RDR Straight Drop Plate, Wilder Tactical TQ Holder

    Plans for future upgrades: VXV Sharpie Dangler, Edgar Sherman Swivlah.

    It mirrors my duty belt pretty closely. Most of my duty gear is on my vest, which allows me to keep my belt pretty light. After 10 years the sciatica was starting to begin, so a light weight belt was a must.

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    If you hate a sagging belt that lets your holster hang at weird angles, especially muzzle toward your leg check out the Lead Devil belts. These belts(Inner-outter combo) are the best I have tried

    If you've tried a bunch of belts these are stiffer than the Blue Force gear and half the price.
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    Updated photos of my current go-to battle belt setup.

    - Emdom/MM CM belt, with pad
    - Esstac Kywi double pistol mag with gap
    - G-Code Scorpion rifle speed reload
    - ATS Enfilade roll up dump pouch
    - SO Tech Viper A1 Mini IFAK
    - Arbor Arms Multi-Function Pouch, typically for a canteen but will work for just about anything
    - Dara Level 2 holster on a QD mount with my CZ P07
    - [Not pictured] Horizontal TQ mount

    My long-standing MOLLE belt got to big for me as my fitness journey continues, so I wanted to rethink what I could. The goal is still maximum flexibility to run any weapon system I have, be it 5.56, 7.62, bolt action, etc. I was tempted to go the popular inner/outer two-piece route, but I had good luck with a 1.75" duty belt and HSGI Duty Grip pad at one point, so I went on the hunt for alternatives. Ended up going retro with the CM Belt. I dig this a lot.

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    My current set up I figured well rounded for civi concerns, courses, etc, vs say dedicated to LEO and such. Belt and pouches are Haley Strategic D3 Belt. I don't have enough experience with battle belts to decide one better than another, went with Haley Strategic as generally well liked gear.

    Right left: phone pouch (civi coms, don't judge me bitches!), utility pouch #1/2 (folding knife/multi tool), pistol, (semi pimped out Vp9, Safari Land holster), dump pouch (hard to see in pic), IFAK from T.Rex Arms, AR mag, utility pouch (flash light), 2X pistol mag pouches, anything clip.

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