On April 20th S&T Training & Consulting LLC will be holding a Carbine Fundamentals Class at the Steel City Range in Bethlehem PA. Cost is $175.00. Class size is limited to ten students. Start time is 0900 and we will end at approximately 1700.

The course is designed for those who have had little or no formal instruction or individuals that want a solid review of the basics based on real world combat principles.

Topics include; firearms safety as it relates to professional gun handling in real world situations, sight alignment and sight picture, zero/ballistics, trigger control, stance, grip, shooting positions, reloading, malfunction clearances, weapon maintenance and equipment selection.

Weapon & Gear Class Requirements:
- Eye and Ear Protection (a baseball style hat is also recommended)
- Serviceable Carbine with a sling
- Serviceable handgun
- Serviceable holster (no cross draw or shoulder holsters)
- Magazine pouch or method to carry spare magazines.
- Minimum of three serviceable carbine magazines
- 350 rounds of carbine and 50 rounds of pistol ammunition
- Clothing suitable for range activity and the prevailing weather conditions

For more information contact joe@sightsandtrigger.com