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I asked Jason about it but didn’t want him to touch a Pro gun that had a “great warranty”. And didn’t even discuss with Rob. So no issue with them. Also, if the gun runs perfect with chip mags, I don’t want to change something because “ hip bone is connected to leg bone” deal. At this point I’m just going to run chip mags and deal with it, and at chip mags are quality mags. It’s not the end of the world, just irritating.

I like the base plate better on the ETM’s, but I like how the chips are easier to load.

Sorry to ask the question again, but did you speak with someone from the custom shop about this or just someone from customer service? Although I would not expect any manufacturer to guarantee operation with aftermarket equipment, Springfield doesn't make any magazines. Even McCormicks, even though provided with the gun, are technically aftermarket. I am surprised by that response from them. My experiences in the past with Warranty/Customer service have been quite the opposite.