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Thread: CZ 527 Under 1 MOA

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mick Boon View Post
    Girsans are everywhere here in Canada and have a great reputation, the only real difference ( apart from the price ) from a Beretta is that they are finished better. The Beretta looks cheap beside the Girsan, moreso when you compare the tooling marks.

    I sold a Suomi drum mag to a guy who lives an hours drive from me today, turns out he shoots over 15000 rounds of 9mm each year, he shoots only CZ's. If you shoot that many rounds the cost of the gun is of only minor importance. I'm going to ask him for some coaching.
    If you're Canadian, that might explain why they're more common? How the heck are ammo prices in Canada? That much ammo in a year around here would run a guy a fair bit of change.

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    We seem to get a lot of guns in Canada that are not available in the US, I think it's because the import laws in the US are stricter but I'm not sure if that has anything to the lack of Girsans. I've seen them on Gunbroker though.

    I asked him what he was paying for his ammo, he told me $ 300 a thousand, that works out about $225 in USD. $ 3375 a year.

    300 for 1000 9mm is a decent price up here.

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