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Thread: 11.5 SOLGW/Aero SBR (First FSP build)

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    Looks good and matches well!!!!!

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    The 11.5 SOLGW was as accurate as any 12.5 Centurion or DD ot my 12.0 LaRue Stealth or my BA Hanson barrels. I had literally ZERO complaints with the function or accuracy of that rifle. As for ergonomics, I have zero issues running quad rails and still have a few rifles with quad rails still. With a stubby FCG I still have my usual C clamp on the rail. My WML was easy to mount and actuate and to be honest, Iím just not that guy who bitches about having a solid length of quad rail on my ARís, meaning I think itís kinda retarded to ditch a well-made, solid quad rail because you feel it just has ďtoo much railĒ. Thatís just borderline ridiculousness in my book.

    But this is what I can tell you. The SOLGW was definitely as accurate as any short barreled rifle Iíve owned. (Named above) also the way they size their gas port enabled me to run all of the 5.56 ammo I fed it, from Magtech, PPU, Federal, and a pretty wide variety of other ammo I keep on hand just for testing purposes, including some crap ammo. I just had no problems with it. Uber reliable and I didnít get nearly the amount of gas in the dashingly blue eyeballs as I did my DD 12.5, as an example. Thatís not a deal breaker for me, as I have ways to mitigate that and rather focus on the reliability and accuracy of the barrel. Then again I cut my Army teeth as a cannon cocker and have been known to get sexually arounds from breathing in massive amounts of muzzle blast.
    If anyone is on the fence with a SOLGW upper or barrel, GTF off the fence and pull the trigger. You will not be disappointed.
    Also I just feel the necessity to point out that the support I received from SOLGW still hasnít been matched or exceeded by any other firearms manufacturer. Some have really tried. I did send Rainier Arms a barrel on 10/2 and had a brand new barrel in my hands on 10/07, but SOLGWís turnaround time was 3 (THREE) days. But we are Texans so there is that.

    Let me know if I need to clarify anything. Iím going to go back to my Woodford double oaked beverage. :-)

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