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Thread: Armor information sought

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    Armor information sought

    Hi Iíve been looking at body armor for a bit, trying to figure out everything but it seems like thereís a lot I feel Iím missing. I started looking at AR500 plates a few years ago and they seem cheap but steel doesnít seem like the best option. I found SKD tactical and they have house brand plates that seem good for the $$$, ceramic, etc, but then I find other companies that are much more expensive like hesco. I saw a video of a hesco III+ take something like 23 rounds of m855 before penetration, which is awesome.

    Is there a primer on this subject for noobs like me? What am I missing when looking at armor? Seems like everyone focuses on one or two brands of plates, I want people to throw out the variety of manufacturers that seem to be doing armor right, so I can understand what the market looks like.

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    When you're looking at body armor you really have to consider what threat you're trying to protect yourself against.

    If you want something that's going to stop armor piercing rounds you need level IV which will either be ceramic of some sort or ar500 style Steel. Ceramics are going to be expensive and heavy, maybe 8 lbs each.

    If you're willing to sacrifice some of the armor piercing prevention there are level III plates made out of UHMWPE which is a polyurethane material that is light but hard enough to stop most rifle threats.

    Mr Gunsngear just did a video on these.

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    Armor really isn't that complicated, people just make too many assumptions. The thing about armor is, there just aren't that many actual OEMs, at least when it comes to non-steel plates.
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