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The A5 is worth it if you have a need for it: 1.) If you're trying to run a collapsible stock on a rifle gas system
I find the A5H2 buffer is more forgiving and gives a smoother recoil impulse than an H2 buffer regardless of barrel or gas system length, suppressed or unsuppressed.

2.) If you have an over-gassed system that a standard buffer weight can't help
Define "standard". Do you mean the CAR buffer most econo brands us? The H buffer Colt uses in their commercial 6920s? The H2 buffer used in the M4A1 Colt supplies to the military? Or the original rifle buffer.

When experimenting with gas drive, I found that buffer weight does almost nothing to correct the problems of over gassing. When testing to see what happens with the gas block turned down to smallest setting that still gave full function, I found the CAR, H & H2 all used the same gas setting. Yet recoil was harshest with the CAR buffer and smoothest with the H2.

3.) If you like to fiddle-**** with your guns
After doing just this, I've come to the conclusion that it saves time just to start with an A5 RE assembly with the A5H2 buffer & Sprinco green spring because you'll likely end there.

most will probably fall into category 3 who should probably look into a different gas system (midlength, intermediate) or a different gas porting instead and solve the problem at it's root.
This is quite true. If the gas drive isn't right, no amount of fussing with buffers & springs will solve anything.