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A problem that you'll run into for quad loading is that you can't get your fingers wrapped around the shells for the initial "pluck". Looks like you won't have a solid grip on them when they're released and the fumbling will offset any speed you've gained by loading quads.
You are correct that it is an issue. Stripping/rolling out two is very easy, but not quad load. Quad load is a bit trickier and space can be a problem compared with the existing caddies. I've been playing with the technique and some geometry that has helped out, but fighting spring tension is a thing when fully loaded. A different spring could be used to give a "constant" tension to reduce the load. Three base issues is the shells have a separation between them when plucked and not tight, the spreading of fingers and curl will aggravate carpel tunnel, and as stated slightly out of position for the quad load method. If you like having a ton of ammo accessible on a belt/rig for field use I think this is a win, competition use not so much.