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Thread: Rethinking shotgun for home defense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimmer View Post
    Around here the problem is mostly skunks, raccoons, gophers, and crows...

    A subsonic .22lr has worked well for me for years, but now that I have a 12ga shotgun...
    I don’t know, look what this goose did to this poor guy.

    Psalm 34:19

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bimmer View Post
    I'm not arguing: My go-to gun is an AR, and my back-up gun is another AR.

    However, the other advantage (besides shooting small moving targets) of a shotgun over an AR would be cost...

    I bought my sister and BiL a brand-new Mossberg 500 "Persuader" for <$300 several years ago (wedding present).

    Is it as good as an AR? Of course, NO.

    Is it better than a pistol? Of course, YES.

    Would I trust it more than a $300 AR? Of course, YES.

    Conclusion: Long guns trump pistols, even if carbines trump shotguns.
    I think that is a very good assessment. In addition to economics, ban states also factor in to the options also.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jsbhike View Post
    ... ban states also factor in to the options also.
    I didn't even think of that, and I live in California...

    If my ARs were strictly legal, then I'd have ten rounds, with no "toolless" reload.

    Ten rounds of 5.56 vs. nine rounds of 00? Some would still choose the 5.56, but it's not a slam dunk anymore.

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    Honestly I like to keep my beretta with x400 laser light combo because it is loaded, but has a da first pull for the old margin of safety . I donít leave shotguns or m4s chamber loaded so I feel more comfortable being able to deal with an emergency with a handgun.

    I do keep an 870 with light close by and keep it loaded with buckshot. Itís purpose is for laying in wait for an intruder. If someone comes upstairs looking for me they are going to catch some buckshot. Whiz bang claims aside, very little can match full power buckshot at spitting distances. If I have to deal with someone outside then I grab my m4

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    There are really few guns, shotguns included that I would feel bad about having. My Benelli, with Buckshot, Im good, My M4 77grain SMK-Im good, my low round count 1911, Im good. The real key is to have something you shoot well. Its about what is best I guess but just about any quality weapon with proper ammunition will get Mr. home invader.

    I use my 10.3 Colt 6945. I would like my MP5 but I don't have it lighted up.

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