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Thread: Hornady 5.56 NATO 75 gr BTHP Match Frontier and steel cased "precision" ammo

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    We have run through several cases of the Tula in our BCM rifles. It groups adequately, but is definitely weak .223 pressure ammo. I've also had a few failures to fire due to hard primers. No failure to lock back with carbine RE or A5.

    IMO it's great for short range use, suppressed shooting, and classes in a rifle you aren't expecting great accuracy from. QC is a concern.

    Havent tried the Hornady but if it's accurate enough it'd make great competition or training ammo. You'd be hard pressed to reload at that price, and time saved is self evident. QC might be a concern.

    POA/POI is several MOA from Tula to Razor Core at 100 yards from my 20" barrel.
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