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Thread: HELP! - Surefire suppressor on bolt gun

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    HELP! - Surefire suppressor on bolt gun

    I built a clone correct XM-3 this year, and the last thing I need is the suppressor. I am currently deployed so taking the rifle into my shop to test what I am about to explain wont be possible for another couple months. The FA762SS can seems to be impossible to find, however my LGS recently got in some of the mk20 (FA762SV) cans. instantly I was interested in one, but we are having trouble determining if they will work on the mount I have.

    The reply from Surefire was this -

    "They will attach but there will not be any retention for the lock-ring if tha FA762SV adapter is installed on the MB762SSAL/RE brake. the flash hider for the SCAR(FA762SV-SCAR) has teeth machined into the back for the suppressor latch to engage. These teeth are missing on the brake for the FA762SS (MB762SSAL/RE) and therefore will not retain. The SV suppressor uses a different latch and lock-ring system than the SS suppressor does. Basically this is not ideal in either situation. The FA762SV suppressor should only be installed on the FH762SZ-SCAR flash hider "

    so some things I want to clarify, the XM-3 uses the CA762SSAL/RE, not the MB. there MUST be 2 models of the CA762SSAL/RE because Mine has teeth on it like the Scar version does, which is making me confused. The old owner of my flash hider had the FA762SS can on it, so that was basically a dead end.

    Has anybody ran into this before? Does anybody by chance have both items on hand that can test this for me?
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