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Thread: Looking for insight on a Winchester 1894 & a unique Colt Lightning pump action 22LR

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    Looking for insight on a Winchester 1894 & a unique Colt Lightning pump action 22LR

    A friend of mine is thinning out his collection of C&R guns. He's selling a total of 60 guns in three lots of 20. Out of the first lot, I'm really interested in a model 1884 Winchester, chambered in 32-40, and manufactured in 1905, and a small frame, pump action, 22LR, Colt Lightning "Magazine Rifle" that was manufactured in 1899.

    I've seen several model 1894 over the years, but this is the first one that I've seen with a screw and square nut through the wrist of the stock. The screw head and screw appear to be installed early in the rifle's life, but I don't see any damage to the stock that would necessitate the installation of the screw and bolt.

    The Colt Lightning Magazine Rifle is unique because it has what may be a factory installed Lyman sight on the receiver tang, and a dovetail bubble level where the rear sight would normally be installed. I've searched all over the internet, and I can't find another rifle with a Lyman sight and a bubble level installed.

    Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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    Just seeing this...did you end up getting either gun amigo?? I can only assume the stock on the 94 got loose in the tang / pistol grip area?? For the 22 the only real option is to pay Colt for the letter & this will give you all the history they have of the gun. I know it will give you the born on date & where it was shipped but not sure if they detail options in regards to options like the sights (think they do but not 100%)'s unfortunate Winchester lost all their data from the fire & would come in handy to determine if all original. You could order a gun from the any way you wanted & will see some up for sale with oddball options that were doable, but make you scratch your head if indeed original from Winchester.

    Are there any other guns available or can you pm me a list?? Older pre-64's & Colts are a big part of my gun collection disease. Thanks!!
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