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Thread: Samson Mfg and the Mini-14 Folding Stock

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    If they do it right and the price is right I will pick one. I have one of the newer Mini-14’s and I enjoy it as much if not more then my AR. I had shitty M16A2’s in the Marines and even though my A4 was 100 times better it soured me on a AR after I got out.

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    Remember the Butler Creek stainless steel folding stock? When I sold my Mini last year I kept the Butler. They're going for $200 used now on Ebay; indicating there's a market still for a Mini with a quality folding stock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Firefly View Post
    Meanwhile if itís a nice Sunday at the range, Iím taking my Vietnam War clone and pretending Iím wasting Charlie. I even have a playlist of 60s hits to get hype on. I even start talking like the black power guy from Tropic Thunder

    So itís okay for stuff to be fun. Like a fat girl. She may not impress your friends or even be all that flexible but she makes ya laugh and gets ya off and thatís the point.

    For the right price, Iíd buy a TEC 9 so I can save Chinatown
    This is deep.

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