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Thread: AIWB Belt advice

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    Quote Originally Posted by npena84 View Post

    This will be my next purchase. Its a AIWB specific belt, nylon belt reinforced for rigidity in the front where you carry. I have not hands on, so take what I say with a grain of salt. The gentlemen that sells this product is actually a member here.
    That actually looks great. I have an Ares belt, which is a fantastic piece of gear, but the large buckle isn't always appropriate, and the full stiffness belt sometimes dig into my back on longer car rides.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sportsfame18 View Post

    Belt 4: Vdevgroup Megingjörd belt

    This seems like a very simple and interesting design belt.
    I'll also recommend this belt. Rigid where needs to be, light and flexible everywhere else, moves well with the body. I dig the small minimalist buckle. A true dedicated AIWB belt.
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    I've been wearing a First Spear Line One Belt for nearly a decade, and it is a "Goldilocks" belt in many ways for me. I can carry IWB/OWB with it, and it will do appendix carry no problem. The belt is pretty innocuous looking, and can be worn equally well with jeans or slacks/church clothes.

    The only drawback that I've found is that the belt has risen in price by around $20 since I picked mine up. Otherwise, it's a go-to belt for me nearly daily when I'm not wearing leather, or need a belt for a specific purpose.

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    I am finding the Megingjord to be the perfect AIWB belt in all ways.

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    Another fan of the Meginjord here as well.

    I was completely impressed with it from the get go and it was the first belt that I found comfortable with pistol, mag, and a blade without looking ridiculous. or fighting the blade handle pushing my cover garment out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by everready73 View Post
    I would check out the Blue Alpha Gear, but go with the low profile option. No buckle to get in the way with appendix carry and they are great quality for the price.

    Aaron Cowan recommended this belt on one of his videos and I have been really happy with it
    Based on the initial 15 minutes after getting it out of the mailbox, I will say thank you for the tip. Looks like a well made belt.

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