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Thread: Which Ambi Charging Handle?

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    Iím a big fan of the Geissele ACH myself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 10MMGary View Post
    I believe it was due to a lawsuit settlement of some type, but in any case several years back I was able to grab some really good quality CH's with the name "Freedom Bone" and marked AXTF which I assume is the manufacture. They proved to be as good as any higher end CH's available at the time and the price was so good I could not pass. Then they were gone not to be found any where. I have also a bought few original BCM AMBI models and a single Geissele first gen /run/batch what not model. I'm serious hobbyist and life long shooter. Once I was willing to pay over $50.00 a piece for a CH as a hobbyist it came down to a known quality company feel & price. Being a left handed left eye dominant AMBI is a must and I have never felt a stock CH that I liked. As a 62 year old self admitted change stuff type I really like a quality CH. Since not good & too chicken at being a criminal & not allowed or interested hookers alcohol or blow nice accessories are one of my safe legal vices. Of course strippers are okay and allowed but it seems they all want money and are not looking for friendship or like to talk gun & ammo.with a fat old white guys all that much.


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    I have used the Raptor for several years and still have it on two rifles. It has been absolutely reliable and easy to use for a LH shooter.

    However I've read good reviews on the BCM 4x4 Gunfighter (medium latches). Considering trying that one for an upcoming build. One thing I've learned with ambi charging handles, basically don't waste your time with cheap ones. I would check out the Radian or the BCM ambi offerings, just decide what latch size you want. They are g2g.

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    Another fan of the Geissele ACH

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