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Thread: Several new TQs approved by TC3 Committee

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1168 View Post
    Iíve got this new drug. It will control your heart rhythm better than Amiodarone, but it has not been FDA approved, and this is not part of a trial. Try it. Its better.

    Edit: Iím not against new stuff. I just wonít be an early adopter. Risk vs reward and all.
    This. I'm not a guinea pig. I've never seen a govt entity or private EMS system issue this. Their mil spec claim is laughable. It might work great, but it's an unknown. Anyone want to jump out of an aircraft with an unknown parachute that will probably work?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha-17 View Post
    The argument that "you can spend $X and get a real CAT!" works as long as you ignore the improvements Recon has made
    But how can we quantify if they are actual improvements when there is no data?

    The only reason they have gotten any traction is the price and amazon reviews by people who say they have a clue but don't. The majority of the reviews can be summed up by

    "I compared this to my CAT and this feels so much nicer"

    "I'm "in law enforcement" and my shift carries these and they seem to be well made"

    "I'm a retired paramedic and I know good stuff when I see it".

    Yeah. Ok

    They're the same people that would leave a glowing review of an Alien Gear Shapeshift Holster, and say their PSA Freedom is better than a Colt. The reviews are littered with the same "yOuRe jUsT pAyInG FoR teH nAmE" bullshit

    I'm not saying they are bad, again I have used them in training, but why risk them being your primary when there are plenty of known quantities?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alpha-17 View Post
    the reasons for them not being approved seem mostly to lack of testing.
    This should really say something though. Why field something unproven or at the very least, untested?

    The reason people seem to think they are in "improvement" is the metal windlass. Yeah, it feels nice. Does that translate to real world reliability? In my opinion, no.

    Quantifiable data should drive the equipment we trust our lives to. The manufacturer says they have 12 confirmed saves. Fantastic. The CAT has thousands, so does a cravat and a stick.
    Worry less, Train more.

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