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Thread: How do you torque muzzle devices on your bolt gun? EZ-PZ *Pics & Video*

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pappabear View Post
    yea thats bad medicine for your suppressor family.

    Euro, give up the specs on that sweet boom stick??? Nice scope too.

    Itís a Seekins Havak Bravo with an AAC 762SD in 6.5 Creedmoor and a NF ATACR 5-25 Mil (my first mil scope ever)

    It has exactly 40 rounds through it and Iím doing a ladder this weekend with 140gr ELDMs . Got a MS V3 for it and will be shooting at 300y paper. Setting my reloading press up at the range and will be playing with seating depth in real time so when I leave the range I have a perfect load and donít need to dick around with it ever again.

    gonna be a long day
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hmac View Post
    For every timed muzzle device I’ve put on in recent years, I’ve never had occasion to regret using crush washers. Shims and/or torque wrenches just seem utterly unnecessary to me.
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