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Thread: PTR91FR Accuracy Review - Very good quality vid

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    PTR91FR Accuracy Review - Very good quality vid

    9-Hole Reviews on YouTube has done very good reviews on accuracy of many rifles. They recently reviewed a scoped PTR91FR and when you compare it to other rifles that are WAY more expensive it proves (at least for me) that the G3 platform still to this day is underrated.

    Near the end of the vids there is a shot analysis which says it all.

    If the shooter would have used a raised cheek piece or Spuhr stock on the PTR I think the hit ratio would even be higher.



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    I was very happy with his results. I have a PTR-91GIR with a Spuhr handguard and stock on it, and I find it to be a fabulous all around heavy hitter. I have an Aimpoint CS on mine to make it like a Swedish home guard rifle.

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