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Thread: TC Dimension rifles

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    TC Dimension rifles

    As A left handed left eye dominant shooter I am always on the look out for "left handed" guns. I recently purchased a Thompson Center Dimensions rifle in 30-06 and with a set of some propitiatory barrel switch out tools along with a proper bolt for both calibers. The stock appears to had intentionally made as ugly as possible but it feel great when I raise the rifle. Well for those that do not know they were released around 2011 or 12 and never really caught on discontinued last yer I believe. Well now I have 3 of four bolts(AB&C)and 6 barrels. Not surprisingly the one I want now and thought would be an easy find is 223 REM. Well so much for easy to find, l'm starting to think I am more likely to find hens teeth. Any other TC Dimension rifle shooters here?(was able to get a 223 barrel mag & mag housing.)
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