First Responder Pistol - June 29 & 30. 2019

By Hardwired Tactical Shooting - Darryl Bolke and Wayne Dobbs

Class Description:

This is our signature class. It is designed to provide first responders and well-trained citizens with the tools necessary to prevail in all aspects of a lethal force encounter. This class will be run with a 360-degree hot range mentality, and safety is paramount. A majority of the course will focus on surgical shooting within the critical two-second window. We will cover the entire Combat Triad of Mindset, Marksmanship and Gun Handling as equal parts. Threat evaluation skills, problem solving and critical thinking will also be heavily emphasized.

This course requires a reliable service type pistol (revolvers can be used, but the class is paced for semi-automatic pistols) with a minimum of 500 rounds of reliable ammunition, at least three magazines with pouches and a high quality outside the waistband holster that is made for the handgun used specifically and allows for holstering with one hand. No SERPA's unless agency issued and mandated. We recommend that students have had some sort of prior basic firearms training prior to this class. Eye and Ear Protection are also required and we recommend electronic hearing protection. Please dress according to weather conditions and bring plenty of hydration and snacks and lunch. Also, please wear clothing that is acceptable for range use that will protect from spent brass being allowed to enter the top and protective footwear.

Instructor Bios:

Darryl and Wayne have over 45 years of combined full time law enforcement experience and extensive private sector contracting experience. They have a combined 67 years of experience as firearms instructors. Both have extensive training classes as students with many of the most highly regarded instructors in the United States, and we are still active students as well as instructors. We are nationally recognized for our safety briefings and how we teach and implement firearms safety. Our classes focus on the legal, ethical and moral use of lethal force with firearms for both law enforcement first responders and armed Citizens who may find themselves as first responders to their own emergency.

Our classes are family friendly with professionally delivered instruction. The instruction is fact based and our training methodology has been both street and court tested with exceptional results.

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Posted by SeriousStudent. I've taken this class several times. It's excellent, as are the instructors. If you have any questions, reach out to myself, or Wayne Dobbs who is also a member here.