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Thread: Remington R1

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    Quote Originally Posted by BigSam View Post
    I'd have to agree with this. I didn't buy a Remington but I have a Para that had a broken right side safety.
    It was bought before Remington bought Para. It came back to me not being fixed but with paperwork stating that everything worked as expected. So back it went. It came back with a working safety but on the 1st range trip the front sight broke off. So back it went. It came back with the underside of the slide galled up and with a very dim front sight. So, back it went. Finally got it back in working order. That was last year. Recently the right side safety dropped out during a match and so, back it went.
    I love the gun but Remington warranty repair and QC sucks.
    You're lucky they looked at it again after the first time that you sent it in. Our store offered limited gunsmithing so people would bring stuff into us. Some of the time the gun would still be under warranty so we would send it back to the manufacturer on behalf of our customer.

    We had a guy bring in what looked like a brand new 870 for repairs. I don't remember exactly what the problem was, but I do remember that the gun was completely inoperable. I called Remington and gave them the serial number expecting them to tell me that they were issuing a call tag, but instead I was told that the shotgun had been manufactured 18 months previously and unless a bill of sale, dated within the past 12 months, from the original retailer could be produced then they would not warranty the gun. The owner had purchased it from Gander Mountain a couple of months prior to being brought to me, during their going out of business sale. The gun was old stock, and he hadn't kept his receipt because he didn't see the point since the store was closing. Needless to say, he wasn't very happy.
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    Thing about these types guns , IMHO, you can get lucky and get one that runs like a top for thousands of rounds. Its just the probability of a good vs bad outcome is just too high on average. When you can buy a Range Officer for under a grand and get a decent budget gun. Thats where I would start my low end.

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    The sad thing is, the 1911 design is old enough, and was originally meant to be produced on pretty basic machinery. The Filipinos and the Brazilians make decent 1911s, not to mention the Chinese. It shouldn't be that tough for an old-name gunmaker to do the same. Go figure.

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