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Thread: S&W gunsmith recommendations?

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaltesherz View Post
    I got you fam.

    That's pretty dang nice. I can only think of one finer looking wheel gun.. well maybe two.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SeriousStudent View Post
    On an L or N frame they are definitely hard to beat.

    I snagged a S&W 45 ACP wheelgun last week - one of the old 1937 Brazilian police guns. I'm going to get some stag or elk grips for it. It also shoots very well. It will likely have Frank working on the innards.

    And a buddy has one of Frank Glenn's old PPC guns we are haggling over. A 6" Model 10 that has a bull barrel and a Bomar rib. Cash, Bourbon and cigars are probably going to result in me owning it.
    My wife has a (really salty) 1917. They have an amazing balance and are suprisingly light.


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