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32acp is not that much cheaper than 38. $12 vs $15. And practice would be with something similar. If carrying 38 158gr HP them shoot 158fmj. And if you really really really hate recoil then 130gr

I'm not going to carry a 9 and shoot a 32 so why do it with this?
I wasn't comparing the price of .32 acp to .38, just saying it's the cheapest ammo to fire from a .327 magnum revolver. It's as little $8.50/50 at the moment. .32 S&W Long is about $15/50, .32 magnum about $26/50.

The biggest benefits of a lightweight .327 mag revolver (and using the shorter cartridges) are less recoil during practice (than .38) for people very sensitive to it (women, children, old folks) and you gain an extra round. (6 instead of 5 w/.38).