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Thread: Still a few God fearing 1911 guys in the military!

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    Quote Originally Posted by ramairthree View Post
    I love 1911s.
    And I love my 68 GTO.
    And I love MP5s, G3’s, FN FALs, the M60, etc.

    But objectively, there are more logical choices for daily use.
    You have beat this horse to death. We get it. You-Glock, next!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CPM View Post
    I just picked up that same pistol and it is my least favorite 1911. The fit and finish is atrocious. For $1200-1400 Colt should be ashamed of putting such a product out. I actually called them to express my utter amazement at how horribly fit everything was and in typical Colt customer service fashion they didnít even pick up and I couldnít leave a voicemail.

    I donít mean to hijack this thread, but as a 1911 collector and avid competitive shooter I was shocked to see someone say their modern Colt was their favorite pistol.
    I must have gotten one of the good ones.

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