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Thread: Knights NT4 vs. Surefire SOCOM RC(2)

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    From a military perspective, I find the NT4 vastly superior product. The locking system is harder to mess up and is more intuitive. It’s also more forgiving of swapping between different hosts or parts being changed, which is the same thing.

    Armorers have an easier time screwing up the install on the RC muzzle devices, which leads to poor accuracy. Despite all the marketing hype, the RC doesn’t seal well, so you still get carbon build up which leads to difficultly in correct seating of the can in the event that hosts change. Stuff happens, someone grabs the wrong can, you swap cans between your standard or short upper, you get a new muzzle device, a new can, etc.. All of these options can and do lead to guys who aren’t savvy failing to properly lock the can down and shooting the can off the end (best case). Worst case, you get a shoot through. I never saw an NT4 fly off. It just has a better mounting method for the average SOF gun fighter.

    This is all based on what I’ve seen personally and I’m sure that others will have differing experiences.

    For personal/LARP use, get whatever can checks the most blocks on your scale of importance. The SF is lighter and prob has the most consistent and repeatable POI shift of the two. The KAC is heavier and is harder to mess up. Both have similar sound. Both cans have been surpassed by newer cans.
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    I love KAC stuff but that is a spendy can...

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    Quote Originally Posted by scottryan View Post
    My point was I have never seen an RC2 in US military service and I don't know if the RC2 was ever adopted.

    Last time I looked into this the RC was still the standard.
    They have been used by USAF PJs. Granted, the USAF seems to have a different procurement process than, say, the rest of SOCOM.

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