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Thread: Precision rifle targets

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    Precision rifle targets

    Hey guys,

    I don't post here much, mostly on another forum but I thought I would share some zero targets that I made up for my SPR-ish and Recce rifles. The genesis for this project came after a recent range trip where I was trying to make due with some basically inadequate targets to get my optics and offset irons zeroed. There was a little trial and error in order to finalize the line thicknesses, target dimensions, as well as the layout. The "target pack" consists of four targets, two 100-yard zero targets, a BUIS/RDS zero target, and a 50 yard zero confirmation target.

    Target 1 is a zero target for me to primarily zero my NF ATACR and retains the 1" squares like the previous targets I was using but has six instead of four, as well as two 3/4" circles. This gives me ample target space to do load testing on one target vs. needing two like with the other targets. I also thickened up the lines for better visibility.


    Target 2 is just like Target 1 except I increased the dimensions for better visibility with my LPVO and NF 2.5-10X24 at 100 yards.

    SAPR RANGE TARGETS Page 002.jpg

    Target 3 is the iron sight/ red dot sight target to zero my offset irons at 50 yards for a 50/200 zero. The triangles keep me level with the horizontal axis for a more consistent point of aim with the irons and works really well with an RDS. I also find the 2" circle at 50 yards to be a reasonably sized target and if I want I can throw a large label on it for more visibility.

    SAPR RANGE TARGETS Page 003.jpg

    Target 4 is the zero confirmation target for both the optic and BUIS, intended to be used at 50 yards. There's a 1.5" square to confirm zero on the scope and if the optic is zeroed to 100 yds. then a circle represents the POI if you maintain a center of square POA. That offset should work out with most rounds.

    SAPR RANGE TARGETS Page 004.jpg

    I hope you all find these target useful. I'll have to upload the pdf. tomorrow.
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    I like the squares for use with crosshairs, and made a kinda similar target. Not as refined as yours though.

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