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Thread: Fredricksburg to Quantico voters.

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    Fredricksburg to Quantico voters.

    More specifically District 28 in VA

    See this link... Current re-district is More Republican than before.

    Now from the GOA....

    Governor Ralph Northam is eager to get the publicsí focus off of his past -- and onto taking away your gun rights.

    Northam has called for a special session of the Virginia legislature to pass massive gun control restrictions.

    And that is why we need to elect strong pro-gun leaders in the state, and thatís why Gun Owners of America is proud to endorse Paul Milde in the Republican primary in House District 28.

    Paul is a rock-solid, 100% believer in your Second Amendment rights.

    He will oppose ANY anti-gun schemes put forward by Northam or his allies.

    Paul supports constitutional carry, and he will be a leader in Richmond for your inalienable right to keep and bear arms.

    The primary election is right around the corner (Tuesday, June 11). So please, get out to vote for Paul Milde for Delegate.

    His opponent, the incumbent Republican, has proven that he canít be trusted when it comes to defending our gun rights.

    Paul Milde will stand up for you and the Second Amendment, but first we must stand with Paul on primary Election Day.

    The primary election is right around the corner (Tuesday, June 11). So if you live in his district, please get out to vote for Paul Milde for Delegate. And encourage your family and friends to do the same.

    Thank you for taking a stand for our endangered liberties.


    Tim Macy
    I honestly don't know what to think any more


    Good luck figuring out who to vote for. Primary day is this coming Tuesday. My district is further south but that's the spin from all sides for you guys.

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    I think I would go with:

    "What I did 33 years ago was wrong. I deserved to be punished and I was," Milde said in a mailer. "I admit to the truth. The problem is Bob Thomas won’t admit that since he got to Richmond last year, he’s been voting with the Democrats to advance their liberal agenda."

    The cocaine is of no interest to me considering he wasn't in a position of power at the time.

    The accessory to attempted burglary could be a concern, but I wonder why no details were given. Sounds suspect considering successful burglaries often don't get much interest.


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